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At FlowersRussian, we’re keen to help make your flower buying experience as easy as possible. That’s why, if you have a query concerning your flower order or how to place an order, we’re more than happy to help.

Finding a local florist and choosing a bouquet

The goal of FlowersRussian is to connect consumers with local florists. Finding a florist in the place where you want to send flowers is very simple – just select the bouquet you like, add it to your cart and select the country you are sending flowers to when placing an order. Then we will do our job.

Secure online ordering

FlowersRussian utilises the latest security encryption technology, providing customers with the ultimate in safe, secure online ordering. What’s more, we do not store your payment details at all, digitally or otherwise, ensuring they remain private. Click here for our full security and privacy policy.

Sunday deliveries

Whilst we do deliver on Sundays, this can only be achieved with prior agreement from your chosen florist. Therefore, we recommend placing your order as early as possible, preferably 24 hours before delivery is due.

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Contacting FlowersRussian

At FlowersRussian we are keen to communicate quickly and efficiently with all of our customers – after all, it’s all part of offering a great service. Whether it’s by phone, or by email, we look forward to helping you as much as we can, as quickly as we can.

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