Valentine's Day Flower

Is it a good idea to send flowers for Valentine’s Day to Russia?

We think flowers are the best gift to send anytime, but we might be a little biased. Still, Valentine’s Day bouquets to Russia are always in high demand, and so we can feel confident in recommending them. If you’re sending Valentine’s Day bouquets to your romantic partner, roses are always the most popular. But if you’re sending flowers for Valentine’s Day to a friend, go with tulips, daisies, or even a potted plant. And if you can’t decide on the best Valentine’s Day bouquet, just get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find Valentine’s Day flowers they’ll love.

Can I send bouquets to Russia in time for Valentine’s Day?

Yes! We can definitely deliver a Valentine’s Day bouquet to Russia. However, please be aware, even though our delivery is fast (usually 3 business days or less), as we get closer to Valentine’s Day we get more orders, and lead time can be a little longer. What does this mean? Just make sure to place your order for Valentine’s Day flowers early enough to leave us a little wiggle room when we get busy. Of course, no matter how busy we are, when you order Valentine’s Day flowers to Russia, we’ll keep you updated on every step of the delivery.

Is it possible to send Valentine’s Day flowers to Russia tomorrow?

We understand the need to send a last minute Valentine’s Day flowers to Russia, and we will do our best. However we cannot guarantee delivery in 1 business day, even during non-holiday times. However if you order now we can send the recipient an e-mail letting them know to expect a delivery from us. This way they know that you ordered Valentine’s Day flowers, our regional managers just need time to put together the perfect arrangement.